TMP-M will follow KSHSAA policy on spectator attendance

TMP-M is allowing two parents/guardians per participant for all athletic events through January 28th, 2021. All spectators will need to social distance and properly wear masks at all times while in attendance.

Parents/Guardians of active participants may enter the facility for their child/children's activity. A pass gate will be at each MCL school and TMP-M. Non-league host schools may have different policies. The school will do its best to communicate non-league host policies as soon as possible.

Parents/Guardians should be prepared to state their name and provide ID in order to gain admittance. Please read the KSHSAA interpretations below carefully. TMP-Marian will be strictly following these.

For example, interpretation #5 states that parents/guardians may be present for their child's JV game but that does not mean they can stay for a Varsity game where their child is not suited up.

TMP-M will have concessions available. Having food or drink is not an excuse to remove a mask indefinitely. Spectators are expected to properly wear the mask between drinks and bites.

Please reach out to Troy Schulte with specific questions -

KSHSAA Clarification and Interpretation for Spectators:

Effective Dec. 10 through Jan. 28, 2021, interscholastic activities will allow for attendance of up to two parents/guardians per participant(s) family as allowed by local board of education or health department restrictions.

1. Participants include: Players, Coaches, Student Managers, Cheer squads/coaches, Dance teams/coaches, Pep bands/directors, and Student Journalists

2. Coaches may have parents/guardians or spouse/significant other.

3. Children of coaches and administrators do not meet the definition approved by the Board of Directors (BOD).

4. School Advisory Council members do not meet the criteria established by the BOD unless their child is an active participant.

5. Parents/guardians are there to support their child while in competition; there is no reason for them to attend “all” games in the facility on a given day.

6. Teams playing in that facility as part of a multi-game event may remain in the gym as long as they are socially distant.

7. All spectators must be masked the entire time in facility, even if they are socially distanced.

8. No “substitutes” for parent/guardian if they are unable to attend contest.

9. Event staff are not afforded parent/guardian or spouse attendance.

10. The impacted interscholastic activities include basketball, debate, forensics/speech, scholars bowl, and wrestling.

Please remember, the reason restricted attendance is necessary is to minimize exposure opportunities and support school and community health (both CDC and KDHE recommend no mass gatherings).

TMP-Marian's Indoor Spectator Attendance Policy

Everyone inside Al Billinger Fieldhouse or any of our buildings will be required to wear a mask at all times. This will also be expected for winter sports activities.

Updated Indoor Policy:

**Masks are required for entry into all TMP-M buildings. All spectators not wearing a mask will be asked to mask or leave the venue. Please be respectful of our policies and those enforcing those policies**

Spectator and Team Requirements at MCL Activities
These three guidelines will be followed by all MCL host schools in minimum.  Some schools may impose more strict reassures by not less:
1. Face Masks required of spectators and players not involved in active play to attend inside activities;
2. Temp checks will be done on the team before loading bus at home; and
3. Social distancing will be required at outside activities, mask will be strongly encouraged. 
TMP-Marian will be working on social distancing students in the student section but masks will be required if sitting in close contact with other students.  For events at Al Billinger Fieldhouse, masks will be required when you cannot social distance.  Cripplegate field will have bleachers roped off and people are encouraged to bring their own chairs.
Please plan appropriately when you attend TMP-Marian home activities or road competitions in the league. 
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